Body Resources

Bring activity, stress, and recovery together for better decision making.

What Is Body Resources?

Connecting the dots between physical activity, stress, and recovery, this feature delivers instant insight into your body’s resilience, responsiveness, and coping abilities. Feedback from your body becomes timely advice for optimizing your routines, enabling you to make better, more informed decisions based on your current situation.

When your resources are high, you are ready to benefit from mental and physical challenges. You are primed for maximum health, fitness, and performance gains from your workout. At work and school, resource levels can influence your ability to focus, be creative and stay productive. You can endure a challenge when your resources are depleted, but your chances of benefiting from the experience are reduced.

With insight into resource levels you can navigate between surviving and thriving. See when you are grinding yourself down and know when you are ready to bounce back stronger.

  • Understand the language of your body
  • Learn to build resources and use them wisely
  • Maximize your mental and physical effectiveness

How Does It Work?

Activities and the work of keeping up with the challenges of life and environment have a cumulative impact on your body’s ability to cope. Physical activity and stress deplete your resources, which are restored during sleep and restful moments throughout the day. While downtime is important, sleep offers the greatest opportunity for recovery.

To make this complex relationship visible and accessible, the Firstbeat Analytics engine identifies and interprets meaningful patterns in how your heart beats from one moment to the next, a phenomenon known as heart rate variability (HRV).