Training Effect: Aerobic

Reveal the physiological impact of your activities to find the perfect training for you.

What Is Training Effect: Aerobic?

Time, distance, and intensity are all ways of describing and measuring physical activity. Training Effect takes a different approach by predicting how your efforts will impact your personal physiology, specifically as it relates to future aerobic performance capacity. The ability to see when your session maintains or improves your fitness level allows you to identify the perfect training needed to reach your goals. You can also use Training Effect to guide workouts to the intensity that promotes recovery.

  • Insights for every type of physical activity
  • Enables you to find the perfect training for you
  • Enhances body awareness and training knowledge
  • Builds in real time so you can adapt your training on the fly (not all devices)

Aerobic Progress

Training Effect predicts how your efforts will impact your VO2max fitness level.

How Does It Work?

Training Effect relies on Firstbeat Analytics’ ability to predict the physiological impact of physical activity based on heartbeat data. This impact can be quantified and measured in terms of the amount of oxygen required to complete the adaptive responses to activity and the restorative work your body performs to return to a balanced resting condition. To provide your Training Effect score, Firstbeat Analytics then takes the additional step of personalizing your feedback by interpreting it in light of your current fitness level and related variables.

The Firstbeat Analytics method for transforming heartbeat data into EPOC values relies on neural networks and machine learning techniques borrowed from the world of artificial intelligence. These analytic tools are utilized to recognize and decode complex patterns that exist in heart rate and heart rate variability data. The result is real-time assessment of exercise that unlocks new perspectives on training.