Training Effect: Anaerobic

Unlock the secrets of performance by measuring your highest intensity efforts.

What Is Training Effect: Anaerobic?

This next generation metric builds on the success of Training Effect by extending insight into the impact your physical activities have on your body at a physiological level. For the first time, you are able to better understand the full spectrum of workouts and how they will influence performance. The type of training you do determines the results you will get. Different types of training trigger your body to respond and adapt in different ways. Combining feedback from Anaerobic Training Effect with Firstbeat Analytics’ classic (Aerobic) Training Effect increases the control you have over training and gives you the power to match training to what you hope to achieve. This ability is especially important for athletes looking to better prepare for the unique demands of their sport, position, or even style of play.

  • Personalized feedback regardless of fitness level
  • Deeper insight into the impacts of different types of training
  • Guide the development of repeat sprint ability and recovery
  • Ensure your training methods support your desired outcomes

How Does It Work?

Similar to Aerobic Training Effect, Firstbeat Analytics’ Anaerobic Training Effect calculation relies on an advanced neural network based analysis of heartbeat data to interpret the complex patterns it contains. Segments like sprints and other short bursts of sustained high-intensity activity are automatically identified and interpreted relative to the impact they will have on your future anaerobic performance capacity. The fact that Anaerobic Training Effect can be calculated from heartbeat data means that it can be utilized to interpret any training activity. Running with a GPS-enabled running watch or cycling with a power meter provides additional data which is used to enhance the calculation by fine-tuning the identification of key high-intensity intervals.

Anaerobic Progress

Anaerobic Training Effect predicts how your efforts will impact your anaerobic performance capabilities.

Anaerobic Comparison

High oxygen debt is created when you exercise at an intensity level higher than your VO2max. This will improve your future anaerobic performance capacity and therefore result in an Anaerobic Training Effect.