Heat and Altitude Acclimation

Monitor progress as you adapt to perform better in demanding environments.

What Is Heat and Altitude Acclimation?

Environmental factors can temporarily decrease your ability to perform as you normally would. Heat, humidity, and altitude are classic elements that individually and in combination limit your ability to perform. Less oxygen in the air at higher elevations restricts easy access to the vital resource you need to facilitate aerobic energy production, while heat and humidity force your body to work harder to keep cool and maintain a normal body temperature.

Exposure to demanding conditions and climates triggers gradual physiological adaptations that enable you to perform better under these conditions. This is the acclimation process. The inclusion and simultaneous interpretation of environmental and performance data means you can observe and track your personal acclimation process as it occurs.

  • Track environmentally triggered adaptation
  • Properly attribute changes in performance
  • Enhance the reliability of other performance metrics
Heat and Altitude Acclimation

How Does It Work?

Meaningful changes in elevation and climate are automatically identified by your device. When recognized, these elements are introduced into the analysis of your performance data to determine what, if any, impact they have on your performance capabilities. This means you can see and understand whether a decrease in performance was simply the result of more challenging environmental conditions and not attributable to a lack of recovery, overexertion, or other factors.