VO2max Fitness Level

Your true fitness level and key to personalized training guidance.

What Is VO2max Fitness Level?

VO2max is the metric that defines your personal cardiorespiratory/aerobic fitness level. It describes your body’s ability to bring oxygen into your body through your lungs, transport it through your blood supply to your muscles, and use it as part of your body’s most efficient energy production method. Higher VO2max scores are strongly related to health, longevity, quality of life and performance. Understanding your fitness level in terms of VO2max can inform a wide variety of important lifestyle, fitness, and performance decisions. It is also the measurement of performance capacity that holds the most value for personalizing your calorie counts, training programs and the feedback that supports you along the way.

  • See your true fitness level
  • Identify the right fitness and performance goals
  • Track progress and gain motivation as you go
  • Used to personalize metrics, feedback, and guidance

How Does It Work?

Firstbeat Analytics can automatically detect your VO2max fitness level during walking and running activities, using a proprietary method shown to be 95% accurate compared to laboratory measurements. The calculation relies on a combination of personal background information and data collected during your activity. This includes a focus on heart rate and running/walking speed. Movement speed and heartbeat data are used to investigate the relationship between internal and external workloads. In other words, how hard your body is working to produce your performance.

The algorithm behind Firstbeat Analytics’ VO2max calculation learns from you over time. The more you use your device, the more reliable your VO2max estimate becomes. It is also specifically designed to automatically recognize the best data for making the calculation, meaning stops and starts are excluded along with any other interference that occurs along the way.</p>

VO2 Max Fitness Level Lab

Direct measurement of VO2max requires monitoring oxygen consumption using metabolic cart during maximal exercise on a treadmill. Firstbeat Analytics can estimate your VO2max during any freely performed walk, run or ride with 95% accuracy.</p>

Artifact Correction

The Firstbeat Analytics engine automatically filters incoming signals to ensure only representative data is used in the detection of user VO2max fitness levels. This enhances both accuracy and reliability.</p>

Fitness Level Followup

Monitoring changes in your VO2max fitness level can inform a variety of fitness and performance decisions.