Physical Activity Score

Make the relationship between your activities and fitness level crystal clear.

What Is Physical Activity Score?

Are you active enough to achieve health benefits? What about for your fitness goals? These aren’t always easy questions to answer. Physical Activity Score is the lens that brings your daily activities into focus, making the dynamic relationship between activity and fitness crystal clear. Based on ACSM guidelines, Firstbeat Analytics analyzes your activities and places them in the context of your current fitness level (VO2max), age, gender, and activity history to reveal the answer. Our adaptive, points-based feedback system is simple, easy-to-follow, and most importantly, personal to you.

  • Shows whether you are physically active enough to achieve health benefits
  • Based on ACSM recommendations for improving public health and fitness
  • Identify effective activities for achieving your health and fitness goals
  • Scientifically adapts to ensure feedback matches your own personal needs
Physical Activity Score

Daily PAS Score

The scale used to award these points is always based on your current fitness level, so the fitter you are the harder you will have to work to reach these daily targets.

How Does It Work?

Your Physical Activity Score accumulates throughout the day based on your activities. The number of of points you accrue is determined by the physiological impact of your activities relative to your current fitness level. Activity duration and intensity are critical to understanding its impact. The ability of the Firstbeat Analytics engine to scientifically track your oxygen consumption using heartbeat data holds the key for accurately assessing activity intensity even as it changes.

Achieving a Physical Activity Score of 100 points five times per week represents the recommended amount of physical activity needed to maintain your current fitness level. Reaching 500 points in a day represents the level of activity needed to gradually improve your fitness level. Hitting this level three times in a week will result in sustained improvements in your fitness over time.