Recovery Time Advisor

Ensure adequate recovery to reap the full reward of your efforts.

What Is Recovery Time Advisor?

Recovery Time predicts how long it will be before your body is fully recovered and ready for your next intense fitness-improving type workout. Of course, you can still be physically active during the countdown, but if improved performance is your goal may be best to keep your workout activities light and refreshing until you have fully recovered.

Recovery makes performance possible. The greater the performance the more recovery is needed. Restoration and adaptation are the work that your body performs in response to physical activity. The amount of restorative work your body needs to do is linked to the intensity and duration of your activities. Improvements only arrive during recovery, so giving your body time to adapt is vital to reaching the next level.

  • Ensure a healthy, balanced and rewarding approach to training
  • Gain the maximum benefit from each training session
  • Understand the level of training that would benefit you most
  • Green-light maximum effort performances at the right time
  • Avoid overtraining and decreased performance
Recovery Time Advisor

How Does It Work?

When you complete and save your session, the amount of time your body needs to complete the work of restoration and adaptation is displayed on a countdown timer. Countdowns range from 0 hours to 4 days. Key elements of the calculation include the Training Effect of your completed session and the amount of time remaining on your Recovery Time countdown at the start of your session. Recovery times are not simply added together, but are instead re-evaluated by the Firstbeat Analytics engine using performance data collected from your session.

Recovery Time Advice

Training Effect related advice lets you know how to keep up your training without losing the fitness benefits gained from previous exercise.