Quick Stress Level Test

Gain access to the level of physiological stress in your body.

What Is Quick Stress Level Test?

Stress is an important and unavoidable part of life. It comes from a variety of different sources and can be difficult to understand. Firstbeat Analytics uses scientifically proven tools to make your stress level visible, giving you an opportunity to see your current physiological stress levels and begin to understand the contributing causes. Your Stress Score is displayed on a scale from 1 to 100. One represents a very low stress state and one hundred a very high stress state. To improve the meaningfulness of your results, you should perform the test at the same time every day.

  • Witness physiological stress in your body
  • Use feedback to identify and understand root causes of stress
  • Better understand the relationship between stress and recovery
  • Make lifestyle, behavioral, and training decisions based on scientific data
Quick Stress Level Test

How Does It Work?

The Firstbeat Analytics engine interprets your heart rate variability at rest to reveal your current stress score. Your heart doesn’t beat steadily like a metronome, it speeds up and slows down from one beat to the next. These small changes in the interval between consecutive beats are fast regulated by your autonomic nervous system, which means that with the right analytics the signals can be decoded to reveal how your body is responding behind the scenes. Firstbeat Analytics’ understanding of this relationship allows remarkable insight into topics of stress and recovery.

Firstbeat Analytics ensures that your feedback reflects your personal physiology and dynamic recovery patterns by adaptively scaling the results of your test based on an average and standard deviation of your personal measurement history. This means that the more regularly you perform the test, the more meaningful the results will become for you.