Quick / Overnight Recovery Test

HRV-based insight into your current level of recovery.

What Is Quick/Overnight Recovery Test?

Easy access to insights regarding your body’s current recovery level help you optimize training, reduce injury risks and avoid overtraining. Recovery Status consists of a Quick Recovery Test and a Sleep Recovery Test. These two easy to perform HRV-based tests reveal your current level of recovery based on insight derived from the role your autonomic nervous system plays in regulating heart rate functions. This scientifically proven method gives you an opportunity to evaluate your current recovery status and to identify factors that lead to increases and decreases in your body’s resiliency

  • Unlocks a data based approach recovery management
  • Identify activities and behaviors that influence your recovery
  • Granular feedback tailored to match your personal physiology
  • Learns from you to improve feedback over time.
Quick / Overnight Recovery Test

How Does It Work?

The shorter Quick Recovery Test requires only a few minutes of recorded heartbeat data and can be performed daily, preferably at a relaxed moment in the morning. The longer Sleep Recovery Test analyzes several hours of data and can be performed overnight. Both tests report your Recovery Status on a scale of 0-100%. Higher percentages represent more complete recovery. Your lowest measured heart rate during the test is also displayed.

Firstbeat Analytics ensures that feedback reflects your personal physiology and dynamic recovery patterns by adaptively scaling the results of your recovery tests based on an average and standard deviation of your personal measurement history. This means that the more regularly you perform the test, the more meaningful the results will become for you. Typically at least three measurements need to be performed before feedback becomes truly actionable.