Personalized Training Plans: Cardio

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What Is Personalized Training Plans: Cardio?

You have fitness and performance goals, but what should you do today to achieve them? Firstbeat Analytics addresses this challenges using a wealth of training knowledge and analytic capabilities. The first step in the process is to determine whether you are interested in maintaining your current fitness level or improving it. If you chose to improve your fitness level, you can also select the degree of ambition with which you will tackle your goal. You can select from a variety of approaches ranging from very gentle to very intense. Of course, the approach you choose will influence both the number of training days each week and the degree of physiological impact targeted for those workouts.

  • Personalized exercise prescription
  • Confidence that you are on the right path
  • Base your plan around any type of physical activity
  • Automatically adjusts after each workout
Personalized Training Plans: Cardio

How Does It Work?

Firstbeat Analytics’ Personalized Training Plans rely on the combination of expert training advice and ongoing analysis of your personal training data. Your goals and training ambitions are interpreted in light of your personal background information, current VO2max fitness level, and training history. Training Effect is utilized to guide your daily activity prescriptions towards the perfect level for you. Recovery Time feedback ensures you receive the maximum benefit of your efforts with a healthy, balanced approach. The result is a highly personalized method of training prescription that automatically adapts based on your individual needs.